PTE Course | General Training Class Sydney

PTE Course  | General Training Class Sydney

PTE Course | General Training Class Sydney

PTE General Course| No.1 PTE coaching classes in Sydney | Create your own flexible timetable

Next Intake: 28-October ( Weekend Course );  23- October/ 25-October( Morning Course ; Afternoon Course ; Evening Course);

Course Fee: $395+gst ( Original Price: $529)  |Duration: 30 hours ( 20 hrs lesson + 10  hrs online exercise) 2 Weeks

Sydney PTE Academy offers the best quality PTE preparation course in the Sydney area, and best studying experience to students. Our courses aim to help students with PTE exam skills training and practice. With our well-structured and comprehensive PTE classes, based on the best modern communicative teaching methods, our students are guaranteed the best chance to gain the results necessary to pass PR, Visa and University language requirements.

Sydney PTE Academy is specialized in PTE training and coaching. By working exclusively with the PTE Academic test, we are able to deliver great service and quality. Learn from the best!


Is this course right for you?

This PTE training course is designed for students who want to obtain PTE scores in order to get more points for immigration and/or university requirements.

This 2-week PTE Class is ideal for those students who haven't taken the PTE test or students who have already taken the PTE exam but still need to achieve a better score. Our experts have been very successful in helping students improve their PTE scores and achieve over 50 or 58 out of 90 in a short time ( PTE 50 =IELTS 6;  PTE 58=IELTS 6.5).

Our intensive 2-week course is a fully computerized PTE preparation course. We provide all students with desktop computers to simulate the real exam environment. This course includes four complete section packages – Speaking ,Writing, Reading and Listening – with 20 hours in-class time. It’s an ideal course for those who want to get over 50 out of 90 in PTE.

Alternative course

If you are aiming for PTE scores over 65 or 79 out of 90 with more in-class practice, please check our Advance PTE course (3 weeks), and Advance PTE course (2 weeks.)

Our Advanced course is a fully computerized PTE training course with more in-class practice and teaching feedback than 2-week General PTE course.If you’d like to maximise your chances to pass the exam, join this complete section package course, from which you can learn professional and effective strategies, and receive enough computer practice time, as well as some great practical tips to help your test go smoothly on the day.



Why choose us?

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1 One free PTE coaching trial class ! – Try before you enroll

Come and join us for a PTE trial class where you will get tips and information about PTE Academic exam, our courses and have a Q&A session with our PTE experts. We encourage you visit us, to experience our computerised teaching center, and to meet our student-orientated experts. After taking the class our staff can answer any questions you might have about the course or PTE learning materials. We do not charge any fees for the trial class. Book now!





Free Trial Class Time:

Please specify date and time that is convenient:

2 Great facilities with computers provided for all students in the class !

PTE Academic is a computer-based test, therefore training with a computer is extremely important! In this way, you will feel more comfortable and confident when taking the test for real.

Our multi-media classroom has projectors as well as laptops for PTE teaching and practice. We provide every student with a computer in the class.

3 Affordable course fee and sufficient tricks coaching !

Our PTE courses provide many tricks. If you’d like to maximise your chances to pass the exam, join this complete section package course, from which you can learn professional and effective strategies, and receive enough computer practice time, as well as some great practical tips to help your test go smoothly on the day.

The 2-week course fee is $390+gst and  the 3-week course fee is $545+gst ,which is discounted from the original offer, so that we offer one of the most affordable PTE courses in Sydney.


4 Our new convenient Sydney CBD location near Town Hall station!

Our new center is located on Level 9, 350 Kent Street, only a 5-minute walk from Town hall station, making it the best choice for students who wish to save time and money. The more hours of study you can get, the higher your chances of excelling in PTE Academic.

5 PTE Online practice system for more authentic experience!

We provide a 10-hour PTE online practice system for all students to prepare for the PTE Academic test. Each student will have one account to log into the system in order to practice every type of question. Such an PTE online system is similar to the real PTE exam.

Furthermore, our headphones for the PTE online system and computer exercises are the same as those used in the actual PTE exam, which offers students a more realistic environment to the real exam conditions. In such, students can be more familiar with PTE Academic exam and build more confidence.

PTE online pratice


Experienced and qualified teachers !

Our expert Manyata has a professional PTE teaching qualification from PTE Academic. With over 2 years of PTE teaching experience and worked at some of the best schools in Indian, she has been very successful in helping students improve their PTE scores and achieve 79 out of 90 in a short time. See students who achieved over 79 from our Facebook page.

Our expert Ali is a skillful teacher who has got double degree at the Australian National University with GPA 3.59 as well as PTE teaching experience in Australia. He also got full marks ( 90 out of 90 in all four sections ) on his PTE exam. His clear and easy to understand explanations are strongly appreciated by our students, as he guides students toward their learning goals.

Our expert Rafael has got a Bachelor's Degree in English Studies and TESOL, a Cambridge CELTA qualification with grade A, a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English with grade A. He also got top score (90 out of 90 in all four sections) on his PTE exam.

PTE course

Special VIP package this month free only!

All students who enroll in our 4-section course this month will receive a free VIP package sample valued at over $50. The package includes:

  • 1-on-1 tutorial 50% off;
  • Essay marking – practice essays marked with feedback so you can find out your problems before the exam
  • Free PTE books for reading in our centre.
  • Free PTE online exercises practice- get access to our computer software for test practice.
  • Online support – exchange e-mails with our experts and get answers for all your questions
  • Study Materials – get access to extra study materials.

PTE Course Content:

  • Modern communicative teaching method
  • well-structured course
  • comprehensive strategies coaching
  • Sufficient in-class practice time
  • Great practical tips in the real exam.
  • Authentic study materials
  • 20 hours in-class lesson, 10 hours online practice
  • Free essay-marking
  • online support available from our expert teachers
  • PTE online exercises and mock test


PTE exam is rapidly becoming the preferred choice

PTE Academic is a computer-based test which can be a valid substitute for IELTS for both academic and immigration purposes (PTE 65 = IELTS 7). PTE’s error-free computer marking means consistent scores and no potential for examiner bias or mistakes. In addition, results are delivered in one to five business days and test sessions are available multiple times a day, 363 days a year.