Why We Choose PTE? – Compare Writing Section with IELTS

Why We Choose PTE? – Compare Writing Section with IELTS


Score Range 10-90 0-9
Immigration 20+ 79 per section 8 per section
Immigration 10+ 65 per section 7 per section
Based-line (for other types) 50 per section 6 per section


If you are applying for Skilled Migration, you will need to prove your English language ability. For many years, test takers have been struggling on their way to achieving their desired score in each section of IELTS. Compared to IELTS, PTE has its own strengths as well as weaknesses. You need to know which test suits you best before you continue trying.


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pte and IELTS What's the better

In IELTS, the writing section is the hardest part for most test takers. However, with PTE, it is much easier.

Vocabulary: IELTS concentrates mostly on the application of the English language. In order to achieve a high score, you not only have to use a wide range of advanced vocabulary, but also be accurate and natural in your word choices. PTE, on the other hand, has lower requirements – you only need to focus on using common academic vocabulary and improving your accuracy.

PTE Classes

Grammar: Leaving aside the need for complex and coherent sentences usage in IELTS, PTE candidates need to express themselves properly while using clauses, tenses, the passive voice, conditionals, etc.

PTE course

Structure: IELTS looks at the sense of logic as a whole, and examines test takers’ way of thinking and English ability. On the contrary, PTE concentrates mainly on whether the candidates complete the task properly and successfully. Since PTE uses a computer scoring system, the core considerations are the number of words and how often the keyword appears in the passage.


All in all, the writing section of the PTE is designed in a way that priority is given to the correct text length, basic grammar and proper use of common vocabulary. For test takers, the requirements are easier to understand and practice in comparison to IELTS.


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