Hurry up to get 10/20 points to move to Australia NOW

Hurry up to get 10/20 points to move to Australia NOW

Hurry up to get 10/20 points to move to Australia NOWimage2

Australia is always an ideal place to live and study. In the post World War Two years, Australian government decided to encourage people migrants to Australia with only 10 pounds and free for children.

Now the Australian government is much more “greedy”, they require more from you like degree, working experience, skills, knowledge and the most importantly English……

The latest point scores and the visa dates of effect cut off for the below occupations in the 13th February 2017 invitation round.

Description Point Scores Visa Date of Effect
Auditing 80



2 Feb 2017

7 Feb 2017

16 Sep 2016

Accounting 75


14 Feb 2017

N/A; Last Invitation Round- 13 Sep 2016

ICT 70


14 Feb 2017

N/A; Last Invitation Round- 12 July 2016

Software and Application Programmers 70


10 Feb 2017

N/A; Last Invitation Round- 21 Dec 2016

Computer Network Professionals 70


3 Feb 2017

N/A; Last Invitation Round- 7 Dec 2016

Material/ Chemical Engineering 60 13 Feb 2017
Civil Engineering 60 6 Feb 2017
Mechanical Engineering 65 2 Nov 2016
Middle School Teachers 60 9 Feb 2017
Lawyer 60 7 Feb 2017

As seen from the occupation ceilings for the 2016-17:

Auditing & Accounting

 In the last round of the point scores invitation was 75  points for Auditing and Accounting (on the 7th and 14th of Feb respectively). Auditing had a 5 point drop from the invitations on the 2nd of February, although Accounting had a 5 point increase. This means that there is more competition for accounting related professions in Australia and one must be aware of this. Auditors have 990 invitations out of 1413 applicants and Accountants have 1806 invitations to date with 2500 applicants so far.


IT Professionals have faced an increase of their points by 5. 70 points seems to have a safe bet and should be a goal for future applicants. ICT Business and System Analysts have had 1140 invitations out of 1482 applicants, Software and Applications Programmers have had 4072 invitations out of 5662 and Computer Network Professionals have had 1232 invitations out of 1482 applicants to date.


Engineers seem to only achieve the minimum points of 60, with mechanical engineering at 65. Unfortunately, no one was invited in the current round from Electronic and Electrical Engineering occupations.

Teachers & Lawyers

Both these professions require the minimum points to receive an invitation. So far 373 out of 8032 Secondary school teachers have been invited.

Barristers and Solicitors don’t seem to have any luck this time round with 1 barrister being selected from 1000 applicants and 136 solicitors out of 5154 applicants.

 The fluctuation in points cannot guarantee that one would get an invite, but it is a safe bet to have 5 additional points as a safety net.

The point scores required to get your PR for a lot of other occupations have increased, making it harder to achieve these point.

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