After two unsuccessful attempts in PTE Academic test, there is still a chance to get higher marks!

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After two unsuccessful attempts in PTE Academic test, there is still a chance to get higher marks!

After two unsuccessful attempts in PTE Academic test, there is still a chance to get higher marks!


Here is the story of a girl who chased her dreams with dedication and determination, not giving up until she achieved perfect scores in PTE Academic test !

Mandy Wang is a postgraduate student in UNSW and Top Education. Needing to satisfy English test requirements while applying for the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), she tried taking IELTS several times but never achieved the marks she needed. Thus, deciding that she needed some professional guidance, she joined the PTE course at Sydney PTE Academy to prepare for the exam.

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After  taking the test twice without adequate preparation, Mandy’s performance in the speaking section was not as good as she expected; she only got 49 points out of 90 in her second attempt. After one month’s preparation based on the analysis of those results, along with the unique guidance provided by our Academy’s lecturer Manyata, Mandy has improved her results dramatically and scored a perfect 90/90 in speaking and similarly excellent results in all the other sections!


We asked Mandy to share her valuable experience with us.

According to her, while preparing for the PTE Academic test, it is useless to memorise certain techniques (or so called tips), like in IELTS. For the speaking section, daily practice is crucial.

Below are a few practice techniques that she used:


  • Read numbers daily

Even though Mandy is an accounting student, she still had some difficulty reading English numbers, especially the ones that appear in the ‘Describe the image’ task. In order to train, Mandy created a “read numbers everyday” document in Excel, which randomly generated various types of numbers, and she used to read it several times a day in order to improve her response speed.

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  • Use Podcasts

Mandy spent lots of time listening to Podcasts - even when she was doing PTE Reading practice. She found it helpful to focus her attention and ensure that she was not affected by the external environment.

To improve her content-related knowledge, she liked watching and listening to science and social encyclopedias, such as Stuff You Should Know (USA), Dr Karl on Triple J (Australia) and BBC World News Service (UK). These shows are related to the social topics in the PTE Academic exam.

She also says that watching TV series is a good approach. However, Mandy suggested test takers should not watch them with subtitles.

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  • Notes Taking

Before, Mandy used to take notes using long sentences and/or words, which wastes a lot of time and therefore she sometimes missed some important details. She advised test takers to take simple notes in order to save time and focus more on the questions.


PTE Course

  • Never stop practicing

Since Mandy had a part-time job in a café, she could practice her speaking while communicating with customers. Also, on the weekends, she used every chance she got to speak English. In her free time, Mandy liked reading science magazines, such as Scientific American.

All in all, with much more practice dedicated to listening, speaking, reading  and writing, great rewards always await those willing to put in the hard work and effort required to succeed.

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Mandy’s success story shows that, compared to IELTS, there is no need to put too much effort in, but instead to focus on the accumulation of vocabulary and grammar, as well as working on your individual weaknesses. Such preparation requires not only commitment, but also a help from professionals with extensive teaching experience.

There are plenty of international lecturers with many years of experience at Sydney PTE Academy, who can provide test takers with the expert guidance needed to ensure their success




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